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IntMath aims to interest and educate people in the joys of mathematics. It does so by providing clear examples, relating things to the "real world" and providing interactive applets that allow the user to explore mathematical concepts.

IntMath started in 1997, and now attracts over 10,000 unique visitors per day, with over 1/2 million page views per month.

Thanks for all your positive feedback. I'm glad Interactive Mathematics has been useful for you.


I have taught mathematics in Australian secondary schools (grades 7 to 12), TAFE (Technical and Further Education), and at university level (at Griffith University and in Japan). I've also taught lots of other things, including music, English as a second language, computers and more recently, teachers.

I now run my own e-learning and mathematics training consultancy, Bourne2Learn.

Murray Bourne, Singapore, 2017.


I hesitate to put my email address here because the moron spreaders of spam are sure to abuse it.

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Copyright Issues

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